The purpose of this Church is to present Exegetical, Categorical, Isagogical Bible teaching, standing unequivocally for the fundamentals of the Christian faith as contained in the Holy Scriptures; and through the teaching of the Word in this Church, the ordaining of Pastor- Teachers, present the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, both at Home and Abroad.

The thrust of this Church is to make sound Bible Doctrine available to positive Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, to the end that each might become spiritually self-sustaining, i.e., until we all "...have attained the goal, because of the consistency of the doctrine and the epignwsis of the Son of God, with reference to a mature nobleman to the standard of the maturity which belongs to the fullness of Christ." (Ephesians 4:13)

The execution of the purpose and thrust of this Church is the daily teaching of the Word of God, Face to Face, at the Principal Place of Worship.